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Halogen Oven Recipes

About Halogen Ovens

When compared to a traditional oven, a Halogen oven can seem like a miracle. The halogen bulbs inside are powerful enough to cook food on the outside as well as the inside, doesn't need preheating and keeps the food moist, tender and packed full of flavour. Cooking times are reduced by up to 8 times, making the Halogen oven far more economical than conventional cooking appliances.

Combining powerful halogen lights with a fan, using a halogen oven is incredibly easy. Simply set the dial to the required heat setting, set the timer and put the food you want to cook inside. Start the oven and sit back and wait, your food will be ready in minutes. Once the timer reaches zero, the oven switches itself off and the heat dissipates quickly, removing the risk of burning or overcooking your food.

As the cooking bowl is glass, there's no need to interrupt the cooking process to see how your food is getting on, as with traditional ovens - with a halogen oven, you can see immediately how well cooked your food is.

No matter what you're cooking or how - from roasting meat to baking a cake - each meal is remarkably simple to cook with no worries about smell or smoke. Food cooked in a halogen oven is so healthy and tasty, you'll be amazed how you ever managed to do without your halogen oven.

Halogen Oven

Halogen Oven

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how the Halogen Oven differs...

The Professional Cooks Halogen Oven differs from conventional ovens in that it cooks food quicker and uses less energy than a traditional oven. It's a versatile tabletop cooker with enough room to allow you to cook a whole chicken or other roast with plenty of space for vegetables; making it an ideal addition to the family kitchen.

Conversely it's convenient for smaller meals or those people who are cooking for one, without the need for heating a whole conventional oven. It's easier to clean than a traditional oven, especially with the self-cleaning function and due to the two tier racking system, which allows fat to simply drain away. The Professional Cooks Halogen Oven saves time, energy and money.

Halogen Oven

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